Is it permissible for someone to sell sefarim (e.g., a gemara) to non-Jews?

Does it make a difference if they are messianic "Jews" (people who believe Jesus is Moshiach)?


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You definitely need to ask a rav. It is possible this is permitted in case of non-Jews who will handle the sefarim with respect but likely this is NOT permitted in case of messianic Jews.

Two relevant sources you might consider when asking are

  • dinonline writes the prohibition of selling tefilin and similar items to non-Jews is out of concern for disrespect to the item. If there is no concern they will handle with disrespect (the case there is a person in the process of conversion), it is fine to sell them


  • elsewhere dinonline mentions the Rema and Maharil in SA YD 291:2 that forbids handing over a mezuza to a non-Jew. They cite lenient rulings but, when discussing the reasons this is forbidden write that people will think that the non-Jew is Jewish (the assumption, based on Menachot 43a, is that this confusion is liable to endanger Jews).

The latter could be exactly the scenario of Messianic Jews using these gemarot to spiritually endanger other Jews.

Again, CYLOR before acting on what you read here.

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