Where can I get hold of a semicha program syllabus or a guide to help me learn halacha b'iyun? I am not looking to learn for semicha just yet but want something to help be focus my halacha seder as just stam learning through shulchan aruch/rambam/mishna brura is getting a bit stale. Ideally looking for a syllabus to help give breadth and depth e.g. the Israeli Rabbanut semicha.


Are you aware of a program called Tzurba M'Rabanan? It is a halakha b'iyun program to learn most of Shulchan Aruch over 4 years. They publish brochures (or a complete set) - each brochure contains material for approximately 8 weeks of learning (with one in-depth topic per week).

Each week covers a topic and brings 30-40 sources, from gemara, rishonim, aharonim to elucidate the topic in depth together with summary notes from R Ben Tzion Elgazi who prepared the material.

This is studied weekly in over 300 places all over Israel and is now expanding to a program for youth and one for women.

If English is preferred, there is now a translation which is being published, see here for details.

PS. One of the comments asked for order info from the US. Boaz Edelman (boaztzurba@gmail.com, +972.54.494.7530) told me they are shipping from Israel to the US and people can contact him to arrange purchase and shipping. They began translating their books into English and plan to sell them in the States as well in the future.

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R. Yitzchak Berkowitz' Jerusalem Kollel has source sheets available online for a range of halachic topics. You can find them here (in the column headed Level III).

They contain references to the relevant sources (starting from the gemara and rishonim and leading on to shulchan aruch and nosei keilim), as well as brief explanations and summaries.

I've personally used some of them before (on Issur v'Heter and Niddah) and found that they provide a good overview of the topic with a significant amount of depth.

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