According to Ariz"l's tradition (as described in R' Moshe Luria's book "Beis Gnozay" on the Torah, parshas "Vayetse"), the sequence of Yaacov's marriages (Rachel first and then Leah) was of great importance, dealing with the Seider of the Geulah, the proper order of Moshiachs, etc, that Lavan planned to undermine that and harm the Jewish nation for generations (hence the everlasting fights between the Tribes, for example).

Rachel and Leah are presented throughout all interpreters and Midrashim as Zadkaniot and having Ruach HaKodesh. However, in fact, they helped Lavan with his wicked plan, and, therefore, deeply betrayed Yaacov.

How could they conspire with their wicked father against Jacob (and God) to undermine the proper order of the Geulah?

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    I don't get the first paragraph exactly, or how it relates to the question. Couldn't you just ask if they were righteous, why they played along with a lie?
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  • I heard it from a prominent Hassidisher scholar, who explains some Drash on the magnitude of Lavan's wicked plan.
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I don't know the Ari Zal (please post sources). But when Esav failed and faded, it became necessary to marry Leah to Yaakov, to build Shivtei Yisrael. Lavan had the wrong intentions but it needed to happen, and Yaakov would surely not have cooperated.
According to the Midrash, Leah desperately wanted to marry Yaakov (instead of Esav), crying and praying till her eyes got messed up. She was able to marry Yaakov because of her father's plan, and because Yaakov himself had given her an opening by what he had himself done to fool his own father, according to that same Midrash (see https://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/127034).
I think all of this is a consequence of the situation. It seems unreasonable to treat that as "taking sides". Perhaps it was inevitable once Yaakov had fooled his father.
To me it sounds like asking, Wouldn't things have been much better if Avraham Avinu had not said, "במה אדע כי אירשנה"? - We wouldn't have had to go down to Mitzrayim...! Our Avos were incredibly holy people, but not yet perfect. Fixing their almost invisible imperfections is part of the path that we have followed ever since.

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  • Certainly that wasn't his current plan; he made a deal for Rachel. Probably Leah thought so too. Could be I'm answering in a pshat mode (since the question is just as good there) instead of working within the Arizal's picture? I don't know how to write Midrashim!
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