The Ashkenazi ArtScroll Siddur says to kiss your Shel Yad at “Yotzer Or” and Shel Rosh at “Borei Choshech”. What’s the source for this?


Baer Hetev (OH 59:1) states:

כשאומר יוצר אור ימשמש בתפלה של יד וכשאומד ובורא חושך ימשמש בתפלה של ראש

When one says Yotser Ohr he should feel his arm tefillin, and and when he says uvore hoshekh he should feel the head tefillin.

Furthermore, Likkutei Torah to Shir HaShirim (4c), cited by R. Yitshak Yosef (here) states that they should be kissed.

The source for all of this is the Sha'ar HaKavanot (18b s.v. birkat yotser ohr) of R. Hayyim Vital citing the Arizal. (See Shu"t Vayashev HaYam 3:40).

These tend to be combined by touching the teffilin, and kissing the hand. It would be difficult to kiss the head tefillin in the middle of the berakha...

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