what is a good source for learning?

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I just saw this this morning. It is a pretty nice list of "Free primary Jewish sources and resources on the Internet".

But a clarification of the question can help with what you are looking for. A site with discussions of Jewish learning topics? Primary sources?

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I don't know your level so here is a list:

  1. http://www.hebrewbooks.org contains 49,000 books in English and Hebrew in OCR. (intermediate-advanced)
  2. http://www.haoros.com/ for in-depth Hebrew pilpulim (advanced).
  3. http://www.sichosinenglish.org Chassidus in English (beginners to intermediate)
  4. http://www.Chabad.org has a library with some classical sfarim, as well many articles. (beginners to intermediate)

For audio:

  1. http://www.chassidus.com has many audio shiurim in Yiddish/Hebrew/English. (advanced)
  2. http://www.mp3shiur.com/ has many Halacha and Gemarah shiurim
  3. http://torahlectures.com/
  4. http://www.kolhalashon.com
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