Assuming all the necessary local zoning permits were received, can a Jewish institution or individual build a construction (such as a school playground) with a view of private property (e.g., a private backyard) if it significantly increases the amount of people viewing / able to view into the property, in a way that likely reduces the value of the property and/or infringes on the comfort level of the owner?

Possible concerns might include the concept of hezek re'iyah - infringement of privacy (lit: damage via seeing). See e.g. Maimonides Laws of Neighbors Chapters 3, 7, and 8; Ramban on Bava Basra 59b; Rama on Bava Basra 3a; Taz (Orach Chaim 637:4); Rema (154:7) and Pischei Choshen (Nezikin 14 note 3), cited here.


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