why did hashem create non kosher animals, was it to tempt us and see if we would control ourselves?

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That is one reason, sure; in general, Hashem gave us rules of what to do and not to do, in order to refine us (Bereishis Rabbah 44:1).

But aside from that, the various non-kosher animals have their roles to play in the ecosystem - as predators, scavengers, etc. Also, some of them are also useful to us in capacities other than food: consider horses, camels, etc.


The Gemara in Eruvin says that both the cat and the ant (which are non-kosher animals) exists in order for us to learn from their character traits.


If there are no non-kosher animals, you can't get reward for not eating them.


maybe to get a bigger reward for making the right choice and eat kosher

  1. The cycle; blank eats blank and blank which eats blank...

  2. There is also a mitvah to not eat it.

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Non-Jews have the right to eat as well, so why wouldn't God create animals for them to eat.


Speculation here. As pets? I guess creating humans through evolution leave tons of side products.

I surely am glad cute kittens are not kosher.

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