Atzeret (עצרת) comes from the root עצר which means (nifal, as a verb) to stop, be delayed or to be arrested.

But I also heard that R.S.Hirsch explains it means 'to collect, to store or to gather' as in the root עוצר

But I can't find the source for this, so I would like to ask if anyone knows the right source or any other commentary which explains it as such.

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There is a discussion in gemara if one substitutes, as proposal, the words "you are עצורתי". Rashi interprets this to mean (BT Kid. 6a, s.v. עצורתי):

לשון עצרת שתהא נאספת עמי לבית

This would mean "gather", as in be stored together with the husband in a home.

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