In the blessing before the torah reading, some siddurim have הַמְּבֹרָךְ (with a dagesh in the mem) and others have הַמְבֹרָךְ. Wouldn't the hay hayedia require a dagesh in the mem thus making the vowel a sh'va na and pronounced? Are mems exempt from this rule? I've checked a tikkun, several machzorim, and a slew of siddurim and find no consistency. Art Scroll, for instance, has no dagesh but indicates a sh'va na!

I'm not sure if this discussion is relevant to the current question? Hamracheim or Hammerachim?

Thanks for your thoughts, kol tuv, and g'mar chatimah tovah.

  • It's indeed the same as in the linked question. (Do we need to generalize that question to close this one?) – Double AA Sep 28 '17 at 23:44
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    Welcome to Mi Yodeya, Ben. – ezra Sep 29 '17 at 2:26

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