I came across a רבינו יואל מבונ"א quoted by Rosh in his commentary to Kiddushin (4:16). See here. Who is he?

I suspect that he is Rabbeinu Yoel HaLevi, father of Ra'avyah and that בונ"א is what we know today as the city of Bonn in Germany.

Can anyone provide a confirmation or a refutation of my suspicions?


Your suspicions are correct and confirmed by Aptowitzer (Intro. to 'Ravia', pg. 39), Urbach (Ba'alei HaTosafos, Jer. 1969, pg. 179) and Ginzberg (JE, Eliezer b. Joel). His full name was Yoel b. Yitzchok HaLevi. He was born in the first quarter of the 12th century and died at the turn of the next. He was also a son in-law of R. Eliezer b. Nathan (Ravan, ראב״ן). Note, Aptowitzer believes that he was originally from Mainz, though ultimately settled and operated his school in Bonn.

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