I’m reading a book by Rabbi Shlomo Arush and he says the following: "According to our master, the Arizal, whoever wants to receive the light of Ein Sof in its entirety has to change its own nature from one of "receiving" to one of "giving"."

I have also seen many other quote this idea of changing one’s nature from "receiving" to "giving" and attributing it to the Arizal.

However, I have never found any source in the Arizal (or in classical Kabbalah texts altogether) that says so. So this is my question: can you please give me the exact source (book, chapter, page) where the Arizal talks about stop being a "receiver" and becoming a "giver"?


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    Ezra, I’m reading שעריו בתודה - בגן התודה. Garden of Gratitude. – Yehonathan Sep 20 '17 at 2:43
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