With so many words which describe ruling, submission, dominion, leading, controling, reagning etc.

I wondered why the word mashal was chosen in Bereshit 3:16 and rarah and kabash in Bereshit 1:26-28, what do these words add to the meaning of the context? In what way should a men rule a wife's desire? And in what way should men subdue the earth and control the animals?

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Wife's desire and he will rule over her
The desire: She wants to have relations
He rules: she can not demand them (verbally) he is the only one ruling and active in starting the relations Rashi on the posuk (sefaria, Chabad)

Wife's desire is that she wants relations, when her husband goes away.
Talmud Yevamot 62b

Control the animals, is Regarding using them for labor Talmud Sanhedrin 59b

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