The gemara, in Ketubot 38b, resolves a contradiction between a mishna and a baraita by postulating the existence of a second person named Rabbi Akiva. Is there any reference, outside of this particular sugya, to this second Rabbi Akiva?


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There were not two Rabi Akivas. What the Gemara is saying is there were two Tana'im with different opinions as to what Rabi Akiva actually said. One presented his version in a Mishna, and one presented his version in Baraisa.

קשיא דר''ע אדר' עקיבא תרי תנאי ואליבא דר''ע בשלמא ר''ע דמתני' לא אתיא ג''ש ומפקא ליה לקרא מפשטיה לגמרי אלא לר''ע דברייתא אתיא גזירה שוה ומפקא מפשטיה לגמרי

And later on again a reference to this resolution:

וקמיפלגי בפלוגתא דר''ע דמתניתין ורבי עקיבא דברייתא.

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