Shalom everybody, We read lately Parashat Pinchas. The parsha deals with the story of B'not Tzelofchad (Barmidbar 27:1-11). Rashi on verse 27:3 quotes the Gemara Shabbat 96b in order to identify who Tzelofrad was and what he did wrong. Rashi says that according this Gemara, there is a machloket between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon. But if you go on Daf 96b of tractate Shabbat, the machloket is between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yehuda ben Beteirah. How can we explain this discrepancy? Regards,

  • Maybe the manuscript Rashi was using said it was Rabbi Shimon. Back in his day, the Talmud was not printed (because the printing press had not yet been invented) and instead copied by hand by scribes. Thus, many errors crept into the text. This was the purpose of the many higa'ot, textual corrections, like Higa'ot HaGr''a, later in time. – ezra Jul 31 '17 at 16:11
  • Thank you for your answer. I was told that Rabbi Akiva Eiger made a list of discrepancies found in Rashi's comments on the Chumash and on the Gemara, on the margin of TB Shabbat55b - Gilyon Hashass. This "mistake" from Rashi in the misquoting the Gemara source in my question is not in his list... – Eli83 Aug 18 '17 at 19:28

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