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When tying tzitzit, you tie 7, 8, 11, then 13 krichot. I know the reason for 7 and 13 is because there are 7 shamayim in the rakiah and six passage ways between them, so there is 7 for the minimum, and 6+7 or 13 for the maximum. But what is the reason for the 8 and 11?

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The 7 and 8 equal 15, like yud and hey, the first two letters of Hashem's Name. The 11 can be split into 5 and 6, like vav and hey, the last two letters of Hashem's Name. The 13 can be split into 1, 8, and 4 like alef, chet, and dalet, so it's echad. So the tzitzit mean Hashem Echad, G-d is one, and also the 13 could be for the 13 Attributes of Mercy.

See this responsa from Ohr Somayach.

Also note that Sephardim do not tie this way. They tie 5, 6, 10, 5 like yud-kay-vav-kay.

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