Many communities had the custom to say a prayer for the local secular government. I am looking for sources ​of varient nuschaos (i.e. versions).


Here is the version from the Bloch siddur (first prepared in 1924, re-edited many times since then) used by ashkenazi communities in France

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  • Any relation to you? – Isaac Moses Mar 8 at 19:08
  • No. Many Jews from Alsace are called this way. And our family tree is quite narrow. His siddur was THE standard in French Ashkenazi communities, Artscroll before artscroll – mbloch Mar 9 at 4:35

In the book "Sefer Hayovel L'Avraham Berliner" (The Jubilee Book for Avraham Berliner), Moshe Shteren published the "memorbuch" (records) of the Viennese Jewish community "from before the expulsion"1. In it, among other things, there's a prayer for the royal family:

"האל-הים אשר ברא את השמים ואת הארץ וכל צבאם ואשר בירך את אבותינו אברהם יצחק ויעקב משה ואהרן דוד ושלמה וכל המלכים המבורכים הוא יברך את אדונינו המיוחס מאד הקיסר רומי המהולל לעפאלטוס וזוגתו הקסרית המהוללה אנא מריום אותם ואת זרעם ואת זרע זרעם ירום הודם וקרנם ויגדל כסא מלכותם ירום ונשא וגבה מאד וישמרהם ויחייהם מכל צרה וצוקה וידבר עמים תחתיהם ויפלו שונאיהם תחת כפות רגליהם ובכל אשר יפנו יצליחו ויתן להם אלו-הים לב טוב ונבון וחכם לעשות משפט וצדקה וחסד ורחמים ולהיות טובים ומטיבים לכל ויחייהם בבריאות גוף ונשמה לאורך ימים טובים וישכילו ויצליחו בכל דרכיהם ובכל מלחמותיהם אותם ואת זרעם ואת זרע זרעם וכל יועציהם וכל שרי צבאותיהם וכל חייליהם כל אחד ואחד בשמו ובימיו ובימינו יושע יהודא וישראל ובא לציון גואל ונאמר אמן."

Translation: May the God Who created the heavens and the earth and all of their army and Who blessed our forefathers Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, Moshe and Aharon, David and Shlomo, and all of the blessed kings, bless our lord, descended of great stock, the exalted Roman Emperor Lepoltus and his consort the exalted Empress Ana Marium2, them and all of their descendants and descendants' descendants, may they be exalted and elevated and may their throne be raised and exalted and elevated greatly and may He protect them and enliven them from any distress and hardship and may He subject nations beneath them and may their enemies fall beneath their feet and may they be successful in all they turn to do, and may God give them a good and wise heart to do law and justice and be charitable and merciful and be good and do good to all and may He enliven them in health of the body and the soul for long and good days and may they gain more wisdom and be successful in all of their ways and in all of their wars, they and their descendants and their descendants' descendants and all of their advisers and all of their generals and all of their soldiers, each and everyone in his name and his days and may He redeem in our days Yehudah and Yisrael and may the redeemer come to Tzion, Amen."

In Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, vol. 4, Rabbi Simeon Singer brings in his essay "The Earliest Jewish Prayers For The Sovereign" a prayer written for King Charles II:

"A Prayer For The Prosperitie Of His Majestie: He that sends deliverance to Kings, and giveth Dominion to Princes, whose Kingdom and Dominion is everlasting: He that delivered David his servant from the Perillous sword, and he who made a way through the Red Sea, and Pathes through the River Jordan: He himself blesse, preserve, assist, make great, and more and more Exalt our Gracious Lord Charles the II. King and Protector of England, Scotland, France and Ireland. The King of Kings by his Merciful Benevolence preserve, vivifie, and deliver him from all trouble and danger. The King of Kings increase and highten the Star of his Constellation, tp prolong his dayes over his glorious Kingdome. The King of Kings put it into his heart, and into the hearts of his Nobles and Princes to use benigne Clemencie towards Us, and to the Israel of God, our brethren under his dominion. --Amen.

1 I think this is a reference to the expulsion of the Viennese Jews by Emperor Leopold I.

2 I suspect this is Margaret Theresa, Leopold I's first wife, because she was related to a few noblewomen with names similar to "Ana Marium".

  • Very interesting! The "Maria Anna" part of this makes it hard to date. His mother by that name died before he became emperor. His sister by that name was married to King Phillip of Spain, also before he became emperor, so neither make sense, even with a broad definition of "consort". Leopold became emperor in 1658 and expelled the Jews from Vienna in 1669, so presumably it is from between those two dates. – Mike Mar 8 at 23:58

Several versions (including a British version mentioning Queen Victoria) can be found here.

This article discusses the prayer for the state when Europe was overrun by the Nazis ym”s.

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  • @Gary The Queen Victoria one can be seen here: opensiddur.org/prayers-for/collective-welfare/government/… – Avrohom Yitzchok Jun 21 '17 at 8:58
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