I noticed digital zmanim displays in many synagogues from Bee Zee Systems and I would like to get a break down of the cost associated with installing such a system.

I contacted Bee Zee Systems and I was told that such a system would cost about $4,000 however I was not able to get specific details about the cost - how much of the money goes towards hardware, how much goes towards software and is the software cost a recurring fee or a one time fee (assuming a 60 inch screen). When I tried getting in touch with them again they would not answer my question without making me jump through hoops.

If anyone can provide a detailed breakdown of the costs it would be enormously helpful.


Note: For all those who think this is a duplicate of the other question please re-read both questions.

I am specifically asking for a breakdown of the cost of installing this product. I already know the general cost (in fact it's already in my question). The other question primarily wants to know which companies produce such systems. As far as the cost - it does not ask for a breakdown of costs. Moreover, there is no answer regarding the cost of this system at all (not in general and not a breakdown). Please re-open this question.

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