This coming Shabbat, in Bechukotai the 5th aliyah includes a section known as תוכחה (words of "rebuke" if we do not follow G-d's laws.)

Our shul ritual committee discussed who to give the aliyah to, and someone suggested the rabbi. The cantor said, "No, it's inappropriate to give it to the rabbi or the Torah reader."

I'm unaware that there is any halacha that prevents certain people from specifically getting this aliyah. (I'm not talking about people who might be barred from getting any aliyah, like an avel or giving this aliyah to a Cohen or Levi, as it' sthe 5th aliyah.) Are there any restrictions on who can receiv eit or any suggestions on who SHOULD receive it?

BTW my question would apply similarly to the תוכחה in כי תבוא .


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In my experience, the person who is giving the aliyot out generally keeps this one for himself so nobody else will feel bad about having been given the aliya. I have also heard of this aliya being given to the baal korei or the rabbi for the same reason.

The Mishnah Brurah 428:17 brings the custom of the gabbai taking the aliya but mentions that the proper custom is for the baal keriah himself to take the aliya and mentions that since he is presumably shomer mitzvot he shouldn't be concerned about bad luck befalling him.

In that same section of the Mishnah Brurah, he mentions that in any case, if someone is called up to the Torah for the aliya he should go up:

ומ"מ אם קראוהו בודאי צריך לעלות (דמי שקראוהו לעלות לס"ת ואינו עולה גורם שיתקצרו ימיו)‏

so it seems that there isn't precisely a halakhic problem anybody from the shul having the aliya although there are at least customary preferences.


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