I'm looking for a visual companion to Tanach, i.e. maps, charts, and timelines. So when I'm learning Sefer Yehoshua, for example, I can see maps that chart the various battles and such.

Are there any good books or online resources for something like this?

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  • An amazing book called Seder Hakorot BaTana"ch written by Eliezer Shulman, a Tana"ch scholar of the 20th c. has maps, charts, timelines, and genealogies with extensive and careful explanations, including multiple opinions or versions where necessary, all informed by the words of chaza"l as well as the modern (Bar-Ilan-type) lay scholars. It is a large format book and the text is penned in the author's own incredibly consistent handwriting. It bears haskamos from 3 chief rabbis as well as noted Biblical scholar Chaim Gevaryahu. It has been translated into English as well, with minor formatting editions to the text, under the title The Sequence of Events in the Old Testament.
  • A fun "book" I believe is called Midor L'dor that is actually a (40ft.) foldout timeline of Tana"ch with some colorful illustrations. It may seem juvenile but it serves as a great visual counterpart to the conceptions of timespans found in the Torah.
  • Atlas Da'as Mikra (mentioned above by @msh210) is a good atlas for reference. It may not have all the detail you are looking for when it comes to the ins and outs of kibush ha'aretz but it has clear maps for every occasion. (I find it a little frustrating that it gives the impression of being "missing" a lot because they don't print anything they are not really confident in the veracity of.)

I'm not sure about good (which is what's sought here), but various editions of Tanach in translation have maps and the like, including IIRC the ArtScroll "Tanach Series", the one-volume ArtScroll Tanach, and the Judaica Press Tanach series. I'd not be at all surprised to find that Daas Mikra does the same, but I'm not as familiar with it.

  • I have the one-volume artscroll Tanach, and it does have several pages of charts and maps. I'm looking for something a lot more comprehensive. I'm looking for maps that illustrate every time something geographically significant happens. Like when there's a battle, and it talks about people going from one place to the other, I want to see it illustrated.
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    Daas Mikra does have a volume of maps and charts and whatnot, to accompany their Tanach series. It is titled, naturally enough, אטלס דעת מקרא.
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Since you mentioned Joshua and Bible battles:

Battles of the Bible by Chaim Herzog and Mordechai Gichon



I think Carta also published a book of "Biblical Maps"


There is a series of illustrated guides to Tanach, complete with charts and graphs, that is published by Tevunot, the publising house of Michlelet Herzog in Israel. The books are really nice, but can be hard to obtain if you're trying to buy them from America.



I saw this book, The Historical Atlas of Judaism, at someone's house and flipped through it. It had some battle maps on Tanach and the like. I didn't have time to fully explore the book, but it seems like it might fit the bill.

It does have some negative amazon reviews, though.

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