I know that trash is generally accepted as muktze, though can be moved due to 'graf shel rei'. Is one allowed to take the trash cans out to the street on Shabbos and Yom Tov to the street for pickup?

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    Our rav has said that one should put the can onto the curb before Yom Tov. one is then allowed to put the garbage bas from the house into the can on Yom Tov. Once the garbage has been picked up, wait until after Yom Tov to put the empty can back on the side of the house. This is from memory so I am leaving it a comment. Commented Apr 23, 2017 at 18:48
  • there are severalctypes of muktse, some of them can be moved in special conditions
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    @sabbahillel Perhaps, a piece of answering this question is an aspect of how the trash is picked up. Chances are, the town sanitation department will not stop at your home if they do not see a trash can, there. So, by placing one there, aren't they specifically doing melacha for your benefit and you are casuing them to do this? If so, how would placing the trash before Shabbat or Yom Tov resolve this problem?
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    @DanF there is a svara that Reb Yaakov said in the Emes Liyaakov on Shulchan aruch that utility companies are always doing al daatei diatzmam (for their own benefit) since they are legally obligated to perform their job.
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Yes. Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt (Rivevos Ephraim 7:303:1) writes that it is best to take them out before Yom Tov, but you can take them out on Yom Tov.

פה המנהג שמוציאים את פח הזבל לרחוק ביום ג׳ ויום ו׳ ומשם באים הגוים שעובדים עבור העריה ומריקים, ומותר להוציא בחוץ כגרף של רעי או שאינו מוקצה, (או אולי יותר טוב להוציא לפני יום טוב),

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