Is there a place online where I can find recordings of Chabad chazzanus (i.e. the tunes a Chabad chazzan would use for Hodu, Shemoneh Esrei, etc.)? The recordings should preferably be free online. Thanks.


AFAIK there's no free recordings out there, but here's what I have found:

  1. Davening with the Rebbe - a recording of the Lubavitcher Rebbe davening shacharis on a weekday. Generally speaking, Chabad chassidim will use the same tune.
  2. Yossi Rutman has put out a CD with the Chabad nusach for the Yamim Nora'im, available on his website and on Kehot Online.
  • The recordings of the Rebbe davening are as good a source as any for the weekday tunes, sure that is what the majority of Chassidim use. However, I came across quite a number of (especially younger) Chassidim who use a different tune, one which I personally disfavor. Were your asking for Shabbat and Yom Tov tunes as well? Since the latter can have a huge variety of versions, often with subtle differences. – Ysiegel Dec 20 '18 at 7:34
  • @Ysiegel I think you meant to ask that question to the OP, not to me. – Ploni Feb 5 '19 at 2:04
  • Interesting, in the recording of the Rebbe davening he clearly says the ending of the bracha gaal yisroel out loud. In my experience, Chabad communities nowadays always finish that bracha silently. – Daniel Feb 5 '19 at 2:08
  • @Daniel In my experience, it has been said out loud. It's also discussed in the article linked in the other answer. – Ploni Feb 5 '19 at 2:11
  • @Ploni very interesting. My shul is not Chabad and we say that bracha out loud, but I have davened in countless Chabad houses and shuls and they have always said it quietly (along with the brachos oheiv amo/habocher b'amo yisroel). It was to the extent that I thought this was a particularly strong Chabad custom. – Daniel Feb 5 '19 at 2:26

This is a recording of the nusach for Rosh hashanna and yom kipur from someone who was a chazan (cantor) during the Lubavotcher Rebbe's lifetime. Here is an article about it.... https://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=31850&alias=the-nusach-sung-before-the-rebbe and here it can be purchased... https://www.hamafitz.com/tefillos-of-the-days-of-awe.html

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