For example Yanky married a gentile. Should he dump her and his gentile kids according to the 56th commandment in Rambam's list? Or does that commandment means he should in no circumstance marry a gentile, but now he has already, things are not so straightforward and other commandments might be at stake. In particular the 40th commandment not to oppress the widow and the orphan, as in by dumping his family he would be creating a widow and a bunch of orphans in the first place, like the ultimate oppression. The second question is, if the 40th has precedence over the 56th, that is he is stuck with his gentile family, then will he or won't he have a place in World to Come no matter how righteous a life he lives till the day he dies in all aspects of the Torah except having a gentile family? She won't convert neither she'll marry again if she is dumped her, since she's Catholic which won't recognize divorce or allow a second marriage. Looking for real Torah answer without any interference from political correctness.

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