Isaiah 57:15 reads: ואת-דכא ושפל-רוח להחיות רוח שפלים ולהחיות לב נדכאים Regards this part of the verse:

What do the terms דכא and שפל literally and figuratively mean? - There are so many different translations that it makes me wonder how they derived these meanings from these hebrew words - and why the term רוח is added to these two words?


There's no definite article. Daka is "crushed", and shafal is "lowly." Thus, "anyone who is crushed or low of spirit."

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  • so first 'the crushed and low of spirit׳ and second part 'low of spirit' and one with 'a crushed heart'? Does a crushed heart takes part when one has a crushed and low spirit? Or is this verse talking about two seperated things – Levi Mar 9 '17 at 18:26

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