Recently, I have been hearing a lot of talk about hammans. I found this picture and it looks like a nice place. So why do Jews always boo when you say it? Is it like against the Torah

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    This DOES look like a nice place. But, for you ... I suggest that you recommend that your local mikvah should install a sauna and or steam room. I wonder why none of these places have that. Come to think of it, a massagist would be a nice touch, also. – DanF Mar 8 '17 at 18:58

According to this article there is an entire ritual that occurs in the hammam. The site says:

It was and still is in some villages not only a retreat for bodily and spiritual cleansing

Bodily cleansing is not a problem in halacha. (There may be other halachic problems specifically with the hamam if nude men and women are there together. I don't really know if that occurs.)

The bigger problem is the "spiritual cleansing". One of the purposes of the hammam is to cleanse you of your faith and spirit in G-d and make you an atheist! That's contrary to Judaism. That's why we boo when you hear the mention of a hammam.


The Gemara in Chullin 139b says that the source of Hammans is the tree of knowledge. Obviously it looks good, Chava herself thought that it was good because it looked good as the Passuk in Bereishis 3:6 says.

We scream and yell to make sure no one gives in just because it looks good.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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