In Vayikra 19:28, it says

 וְשֶׂרֶט לָנֶפֶשׁ, לֹא תִתְּנוּ בִּבְשַׂרְכֶם

What is wrong with a movie (seret) about a dead person, and what does the Torah use "put it in your flesh" to mean watching the movie?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.


You're translating it incorrectly.

It says

v'seret lanefesh, lo titnu bivsarchem.

This translates to

movies are for the soul, don't put it in your flesh.

Therefor, do not insert a DVD in your hand - assur d'oreita.

  • Or it means your mouth is not a DVD drive... – Scimonster Feb 28 '17 at 21:52
  • @Scimonster - well, maybe it is. Maybe I'm secretly Data... – Mithical Feb 28 '17 at 22:22

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