In Pirkei Avot 2:9 it's Rabbi Elazar Ben Arach who states that a Lev Tov (good heart) is the greatest good - the best "acquisition" - or best trait for a person to acquire, or which should be the goal or aim of a person in this life. More literally, "unto which good way should a person cleave?" it's a Lev Tov. (Based on the question of Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakai: איזוהי דרך ישרה שידבק בה האדם).

So the straight path,or walking a/the right path, consists of having a Lev Tov.

My question is: How does one develop a Lev Tov?


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Rabbi Menashe Ben Porat - on hidabroot.org says that a Lev Tov is a heart free of hatred, jealousy, anger, etc,. and full of love and interest that other's should have it good.

He recommends the following to acquire a Lev Tov.

1 - Learn Mussar and absorb it.

2 - Do Chesed, speak in a low and calm tone even when angry.

  • Read "Let There Be Rain" - A lesson a day on making Gratitude a part of our lives - by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman and Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein.
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