I've recently acquired a book (rather a large pamphlet) about the Great War (1914-18) entitled "The War and the Bible" by HG. Enelow (then head of the Reform Temple Emanu-el in NYC). However, this fails to deliver a wider theological profile, bearing –as it does– the stamp of one of the least traditional Jewish communities of its day.

However, as the Great War (an area of my own personal interest) affected much of world Jewry (from the communities of Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Italy, and the UK on one hand to the Maghribi and Mizrachi communities of North Africa and the Middle East on the other) it seemed more than plausible for rabbanim and chachamim to have discussed its hashkafic and halachic significance in its day.

What are the opinions of contemporary* acharonim on the Great War?

*Contempary is here used to refer to contemporaneousness to the events, rather than the current day.


Shmuel Brin left a comment with a link to וועלט קריג וועלט פרידען און משיחס צייט (World War, World Peace, and Moshiach's Time) by Avraham Tennenbaum of Lodz*. My Yiddish is not great, but I think that the subtitle reads "אין א מאדערן־וויסענשאפטליכער אויפפאסונג (לויט מסורה פון תנ"ך און תלמו)ד," "In a modern-scientific view (according to the mesorah from Tanach and Talmud)." (I don't read Yiddish very well, so that translation may be flawed. I'm significantly more confident about the title than the subtitle, especially the (Google) translation of "וויסענשאפטליכער" to "scientific")

* I'm not sure if this is the same one, but this Avraham Tennenbaum of Lodz is credited with writing "מלחמה ושלום בימות המשיח לפי התלמוד" so...maybe?

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