Rabbi Eliyahu Munk wrote an English translation of various Biblical commentaries called Hachut Hameshulash: Commentaries on the Torah by Rabbeinu Chananel, Rashbam, Radak & Seforno-4 Vol. Set. ISBN-13: 978-9657108345. ISBN-10: 9657108349.

At the beginning R’ Munk he quotes part of the Radak’s introduction; I assume that R’ Munk means the Radak’s introduction to the commentary on the Chumash. I’m trying to find that introduction. I don’t see it in paper copies of the Mikra’os Gedolos, and when I go to HebrewBooks.Org, I don’t see it in the Radak’s commentary there either.

Can anyone tell me where to find the Hebrew original?


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It is printed in the מוסד הרב קוק Chumash, תורת חיים, volume one.

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