Rabbi Eliyahu Munk wrote an English translation of various Biblical commentaries called Hachut Hameshulash: Commentaries on the Torah by Rabbeinu Chananel, Rashbam, Radak & Seforno-4 Vol. Set. ISBN-13: 978-9657108345. ISBN-10: 9657108349.

At the beginning R’ Munk he quotes part of the Radak’s introduction; I assume that R’ Munk means the Radak’s introduction to the commentary on the Chumash. I’m trying to find that introduction. I don’t see it in paper copies of the Mikra’os Gedolos, and when I go to HebrewBooks.Org, I don’t see it in the Radak’s commentary there either.

Can anyone tell me where to find the Hebrew original?


It is printed in the מוסד הרב קוק Chumash, תורת חיים, volume one.

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