Some rabbis have invented their own methods for tying tzitzit, depending on their interpretation of the halachah. For instance, Maimonides had his own method for tying tzitzit that he passed onto the Yemenites, and the Ben Ish Chai and the Arizal also had their own methods. You can see each method here: Rambam - Ben Ish Chai - Arizal

But my question is this: did these rabbis tie their own tzitzit in the methods they had come up with, or did they still follow the common practice of their ancestors (like maybe Rambam and Ben Ish Chai wore Sephardi tzitzit and the Arizal had his tied Ashkenazi)?

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    Why do you think any of those rabbis invented their methods from scratch? – Double AA Feb 3 '17 at 2:44
  • I am confused by this question,are you talking about techeles or just white? – sam Feb 3 '17 at 2:52
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    Just white. Techelet was not an option in the times of the Rambam, Ben Ish Chai, and Arizal. – ezra Feb 3 '17 at 2:56
  • He held that one needs at least 7 chulays and max 13,a chulaya consists of 3 wrappings ,some hold to tye a special knot like the Yeminites,while others just make a regular knot – sam Feb 3 '17 at 3:24
  • Is this Jews, or Judaism? – mevaqesh Feb 3 '17 at 3:24

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