What is the correct way to spell refuah shelimah in Hebrew. Is it with a שלמה or שלימה?

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Different conventions for spelling are used for different purposes.

Siddurim (prayer books) use ktiv menuqad. Vowels are mostly specified by dots, not letters. The form שלמה would be used in a siddur, and the Tzeirei vowel would be indicated by dots.

Modern Israeli newspapers and books use ktiv male. In this system, a lot of Vav's and Yud's are inserted, to help indicate to the reader the vowels to use. In a newspaper, they'd spell your word שלימה.

  • Other examples include ציצית instead of ציצת and שבת קודש instead of שבת קדש. – ezra Jan 13 '17 at 16:16

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