Which books on the halakha and minhagim of dating and marriage are generally considered the most reliable?

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    I think Amazon displays popularity rankings.
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  • this one has 4.5 stars amazon.com/Jewish-Way-Love-Marriage/dp/0824604806
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    Dec 11, 2016 at 23:07
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    Is this really necessary? I know everybody thinks it's funny to make fun of poorly-worded questions, but it seems pretty obvious to me that the OP is asking for a product recommendation. If the downvotes are only because the question said "most popular" instead of something else, that's a real shame. Asking questions here should be incentivised. I've edited the question - if the OP wants to revert, s/he can change it back.
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    Nor do I assume that by 'most popular', the OP meant 'most reliable'. @ShimonbM. Accordingly, this question is in dire need of clarification by the OP.
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    @ShimonbM, I didn't think the OP meant what your edit said: I thought he/she meant to ask for the most popular. And I wasn't being sarcastic: I was pointing out an easy way the OP to find an answer to the question, and alluding to the fact that it's a poor question in that it's so easily researchable.
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Dating: is not halochikly obligated, or an official minhag (which a Rov wrote about in a book), so I guess there should not be any books , (unless the book is giving the logic and advice (and not the "halakha and minhagim") of how to do it)

Marriage: This book (was recommended to me and) it seems a perfect (but not in English) collection of minhagim and halochos of marriage, (not so much regarding marital relations) it is unusual becouse most books written even by Rabbis are heavily effected by phycology, and it is very very hard to seperate advice and the halocho/minhag.
מצוות הבית 

Another one but it is mostly regarding marital relations
טהרת ישראל
On orach Chaim siman 240

There also is a collection of minhagin for shiduchim and the wedding here (by nitoi gavriel)

http://hebrewbooks.org/46551 http://hebrewbooks.org/46545 http://hebrewbooks.org/46546

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