In the Sephardic/Edot Ha Mizrach tradition, the te'amim of the Torah are chanted in maqam sigah/sikah. Which maqam is the Haftarah chanted in?


A maqam (مقام), which in Arabic literally means 'place', is a standard melody type and set of related tunes. The musical traditions of Mizrahi Jews are based on the maqam system. Ashkenazi nusach includes a simplified system including three main modes or steyger and several minor variants. Muslims share the same practice of conducting services using the maqam, but differ substantially in many ways.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weekly_Maqam


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Egyptians chant Haftarah in Maqam Bayyat or Hoseini.

According to Rabbi Mordechai Cohen, the Yerushalmi Haftarah is in maqam Garga.

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