I'm looking for manuscripts of the work of Rb. Yeruchaem - both Isur v'heter and Toldot Adam V'chava. Ideally I'd like to see them without having to travel great distances, which means finding them online. I've checked the National Library of Israel already and come up empty. I also searched the Vatican (don't laugh - they have a significant number of Judaic manuscripts scanned and accessible for free). JTS seems to have but they don't seem to be accessible online. Anyone know where to find one?


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Although I don't think this will be the most used answer on this site, I did find the answer so I figured I might as well post it just on the off chance someone else is wondering the same thing.

Toldot Adam V'Chava

According to רבינו ירוחם השלם, the new critical edition of all his works, there are four main manuscripts for Toldot Adam V'Chava:

Isur V'Heter

According to the newest research, it looks like this book was not authored by Rb. Yerucham (or at least not the same one), and was attributed to him by mistake. (For more on that, see the relevant chapter in this book by professor Israel Ta-Shma). For that reason it is not included in the newest critical editions of his work. In any case, Prof Ta-Shma did identify two manuscripts:

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