If one has ma'aser money, should he give it to poor people, his shul or use it to support Torah institutions?

Are there any halachos of where one should give his ma'aser money?

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  • Is there any reason to ask about ma'aser, and not about the optimal recipients of charity in general? – mevaqesh Dec 6 '16 at 6:19

It talks about it in חכמת אדם ‏(כלל קמה)‏ which is based off the ‎(‏ שולחן ערוך רנ"א, רנ"ב רפ"ב)

you could see חכמת אדם page 425

I'll just write some of the things I see there, although I might not be reading them correctly.

Family first, woman before man, clothes before food, sick before healthy marry off orphan/widow before other poor people, talmud chacham before non talmud chacham, people learning before the baismedresh itself.

But basically I think its quite obvious that you should give to hungry, suffering people before kollels and yeshivas.

Not that you shouldnt support them also.

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