The Gemara in Sanhedrin 22b states:

(Source from Sefaria.org)

:שאלו את רבי איזהו תספורת של כ"ג אמר להן צאו וראו מתספורת של בן אלעשה

They asked Rebbe "What is the haircut of the Kohen Gadol?" He said to them "Go and see the haircut of Ben Elasha"

Is there any visual examples available of what this looked like?


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ShamanSTK showed me the following from the Hebrew Stiensaltz Talmud1]

which claims that it is a Machlokes Rishonim of what it actually looked like. That being said I would like to verify if what is written here with sources cited. Which are not present here1. But still insightful nevertheless!

1It is to be noted that my concern stems from a compelling critique by Rav Aharon Feldman in his book "Eye of the Storm" about the problems with the Stiensaltz Talmud (original article is here). I'm not saying that there are any problems with this source in particular, however I am looking to verify the sources claimed.


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