Is there a source for the idea that for a minimal level of repentance, it is enough for me to feel regret over sinning even though I know that I will return to the sin when the opportunity avails itself?

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    Why do you suspect there is a source for this idea? Did you make up the idea? Did you hear it somewhere? Where? Please edit to clarify. – Double AA Oct 27 '16 at 17:09

The Mabit in Beit Elokim (Shaar Teshuvah chapter 12) writes that each component of repentance accomplishes something regardless of fulfillment of the other components. He contrasts it to the mitzvah of Tzitzit where nothing is accomplished until all four corners of the garment have Tzitzit; you can't fulfill 3/4 of the mitzvah by having Tzitzit on 3 corners.

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