Can mikvah water ever become tamei from people's immersion? How does this relate to the essentially "living" quality of the water moving through the mikvah?


using a men's mikvah twice if tamei or just once?

can zera still make clothes and objects tamei?


Water in a Mikvah does not become Tamei. (Actually, Tamei water is the only food/drink which can become Tahor again, and this is by connecting it to a Mikvah (Mishna, Beitza 2:3).)

See the first chapter of Mishna Mikvaot (with commentaries) for more about exactly when a collection of water gains this property.

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No, a mikve remains pure, as written in vayikra 11, 36 .

Mikve water is considered 'connected to the ground', and (thus) cannot become impure.

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