Is there a problem of being molid reyach (causing a fragrance) in the water? I was told that it's forbidden to use Poo Pourri or Just A Drop because it makes the water have a fragrance? What about the tap water that now has the scent of the soap? At least this sounds like a psik reisha?

  • Welcome to Mi Yodeya, Ariel. Suggestion - many readers, including me, are not too familiar with the terms you used. I understand the words (such as "molid"), but I am unfamiliar with the general problem that you explain and why "molid reyach" and "psik resha" is a problem on Shabbat. If you can, provide a brief description and / or links to areas where we can learn enough to understand the fundamentals.
    – DanF
    Oct 11 '16 at 16:10

B¨SD Hello, it would be forbidden to use scented soap if you wanted to get the scent from the soap, and therefore it should not be used at all because it is very hard to be certain that one does not want the smell at all. However if someone is doing it purely for cleanliness purposes and has no intent at all to get the scent it would seem to be okay.

Sources: Shabbos Kehalacha Vol. 3 18:4 footnote 13 Taz 511:8

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