The phrase אימתי קאתי מר in the Chassidic song is usually translated "When will the Master come?"

How exactly is the form קאתי derived? If I understand correctly, it must be a verbal form (whether Hebrew or Aramaic) but it does not seem to look like one. Can anyone please clarify what its root, binyan, tense, person / gender / number are? How is it vocalized? Does this word occur elsewhere in the mekorot or have any cognates, or any story behind it?

Note: it may well be that this question is off-topic for Mi Yodeya; apologies in this case - I could not find a better forum to ask it.

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It's Aramaic. It's the masculine singular active participle (and thus present tense) in binyan p'al of the root אתא, thus "comes", but compounded with the preceding word קא, which seems to make it progressive: thus, "is coming".

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