The book, Meam Loez, written by Yaakov Culi in Ladino, has been translated into many languages. Has it been translated into Russian? If so, where can it be found? I know many Russians that would be helped by this book.

  • I changed the name to Culi to make it consistent with the much much more popular transliteration. (other than this page, I found only 1 google page with Juli as opposed to 2800 for Culi) If you don't like the change, just change it back. – mevaqesh Aug 31 '16 at 2:52

According to the Jewish Virtual Library:

Yalkut Me-Am Lo'ez has been translated into a number of other languages, including Russian.


Seems difficult to find the Russian version you are looking for. The ones I found are: the Me'am Lo'ez Haggadah and Tisha Be'Av. I don't know much about these versions and can only tell you that they look based on Meam Loez.

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