Recently I found out that before the war, my grandfather was in the court of the Vishnitz Chassidim. Naturally I now want to find out what some of the Vishnitz minhagim are such as:

  • What Nusach is used?
  • Which opinions are followed for Tefilin?
  • Regular Ashkenaz Tallis or special version?
  • Other Minhagim

Would appreciate if anyone has information or can direct me to any resources.

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Note that Vizhnitz today is not one, but three distinct Chassidus'n, each with slightly different minhagim. There are various dedicated Vizhnitzer siddurim which bring the main minhagim. Any major Judaica store should be able to help you get one. The siddur may not specify Tefillin and Tallis type (what is that even?), and anyway the minhagim of a Chassidus are numerous to list in a Stack Exchange post. See e.g. about Tachanun.

Specific Vizhnitzer minhagim off the top of my head:

  • Dip thrice in salt on Shabbos

  • Special "flat" Shabbos davenen/kiddush nigunim

  • Mincha before sh'kia even outside Eretz Yisrael

  • Dancing around the bimah by last half of L'cha dodi

Source: I worked for – and was very close with – one of the Vizhnitzer Chassidus'n for three years.

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