What Poskim rule that the Internet is totally ok to use (without a filter)? What Poskim rule that's it's never ok to use? What Poskim say that you can use it, but with a filter?

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    What prohibition do you think there could be? It's just electricity and computers talking. Aside from Shabbat, I don't know what the issue is. Please edit your post to clarify. It seems kind of unmotivated to me. – Double AA Aug 25 '16 at 19:59
  • possible dupe judaism.stackexchange.com/q/35110/759 – Double AA Aug 25 '16 at 20:00
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    @Double Aa it's not a dupe. That question is asking if there is a requirement. I'm asking WHO says there is a requirement. – M. Broder Aug 25 '16 at 20:05
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    You then chose a poor title for your question. Also it still might be a dupe meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/3507/759. – Double AA Aug 25 '16 at 20:05
  • No poskim will give a definitive ruling on using Internet per se. They give an eitzah tovah in the garb of a psak. – Mark A. Sep 4 '16 at 5:03

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