I am interested in studying masechet Sofrim, which focuses on scribal arts. They are one of the tractates known as masechtot ketanot.

I have found a very reliable English translation of Avot Derabbi Natan (one of the M.K.). I haven't seen any English translation of Sofrim or the other M.K.'s in the local Judaica store. Does anything exist? I'd rather have a hard-copy book than find it online, but of there is something online, let me know.

  • I can't vouch for its reliability, but I believe Rabbi Steinsaltz included M'gilas Taanis in his shas. I mention this because you may want to find out whether he also included masechtos k'tanos. – msh210 Aug 17 '16 at 17:09

There was a reliable English translation of the masechtot published in a two-volume edition from the Soncino Press, titled The Minor Tractates of the Talmud. Translated and edited by Dr. Abraham Cohen, it is no longer in print.

Still, you can find it in libraries and used booksellers.

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