I wanna learn what does mean of "Hiram" name (I don't know Hebrew spelling of name).

I look up some sources for this name but I couldn't find enough info.

1) I wanna learn mean and importance of "Hiram" name for Jew Friends.

2) Who is he ?

3) Is "Hiram" important person in Judaism or not ?

Thanks to all.


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Chiram was the architect of the first Beis HaMikdash (Melachim Aleph 5-7), but he is also named as the builder of the City of David (Shmuel Beis 5:11) and Shlomo's palace (Melachim Aleph 9). As a son of a coppersmith and a descendant of Oholiav Ben Achisamach, the co-constructor of the Mishkan, through his mother, the Gemara uses him as a model that one should follow in his parents' footsteps in respect to career (Erchin 16b). In Hebrew his name is spelled חירם (Chiram), and sometimes חירום (Chirome).

Edit: I neglected to mention. He wasn't all that good; ultimately he declared himself to be a god. It was due to him and Nevuchadnezzar practicing self-deification that Hashem decreed death on the world (Bereishis Rabbah 9:5).


Here's his page on Wikipedia.

He was the king of neighboring Phoenicia who helped King Solomon build the First Temple in Jerusalem. So ... nice guy.

I wouldn't say he's of massive significance to Judaism today, but he's a good guy in the Bible.

  • Thank you so much for your answer. 3 week later my son will born and I decidide to named him Hiram. thanks again Aug 3, 2016 at 17:40

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