Does anyone know where I can find an authoritative Yekkish siddur? I found a siddur Sefas Yisroel on open siddur, but I am unsure it's accurate — meaning one that accurately reflects the nusach of the Western Ashkenazi Mesorah as was practiced in Frankfurt and other German cities. I would also like a physical siddur.

Any tips?


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The Siddur used by most German communities nowadays is the Sfas Emes Siddur published by Victor Goldschmidt Publishing. However, even at its first publication in 1799, the nusach had been changed to reflect some of the customs that were being practiced in Eastern Europe (Poland). You can get a copy of the Sfas Emes for yourself from Ephraim Rosenstock in Washington Heights.

Rabbi Hamburger in B'nei Brak had published a more authoritative one, but it's out of print. Rabbi Hoffmeister of Vienna also published one (I have a copy and it's great), but I don't know if it's still available.

This one is nice too, but it's currently only a work in progress. (Note I am working on it.)

  • booksnbagels.com/eng/… It's Hebrew with German instructions, the description says (for those who cannot read German).
    – ezra
    Commented Sep 6, 2017 at 18:18

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