There is an obligation for men to eat meat and drink wine on each day of Chol HaMoed, assuming one normally enjoys their consumption. I have three questions regarding this obligation:

  1. May one fulfill this obligation at night or only during the day? Why or why not?
  2. Does this obligation follow the particular details of other eating and drinking obligations? For instance, must one have a rivi'is of wine within kdei shtiyas rivi'is, and a kezayis of meat within kdei achilas pras?
  3. Must the meat and wine be consumed together in one sitting, or can they be consumed separately at different times throughout the day?

Sources or convincing arguments appreciated!


Nemukei Orach Chaim 529:2 writes that one should have a reviyat of wine, while Hilchot Chol HaMoed Zichron Shlomo (pg 3; based on Sh”t Rosh 25:1) writes that a Meloh Lugmav is sufficient.

  1. Separate times is OK. Dovor poshut.

See http://dinonline.org/2016/04/28/drinking-wine-on-chol-hamoed/ for the pace at which the wine should be drunk.

See also http://revach.net/ask/article.php?id=2162

Some Poskim maintain that at every meal eaten on Chol HaMoed, wine must be drunk. (See Emes L'Yaakov from Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky Zatzal Siman 530 footnote 483)

I hope this helps to answer your questions.

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