What is the purpose of everything, our Torah and mitzvos.

Is it to go to gan Eden in olam haba or is it to bring moshiach?

Whenever I ask people usually I get either answer. Can someone clarify like why do I never hear Chabad Rabbis saying "do a mitzvah to go to gan Eden" But rather they say to bring moshiach. Are they missing something?

The same is with litvaks - they barely speak of doing things to bring moshiach.

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    Why are those the only two options?
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  • I wrote that people tell me
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    @ close voters, the preexisting question asks "We know that hashem created the whole world only for the purpose of human's on earth. Everything else is there for his benefit to obtain his purpose. So the question is, what real purpose does he have. And do all human beings have the same purpose." i.e. what is my (or P'loni's) purpose for existing. This one asks "What is the purpose of everything, our Torah and mitzvos." i.e. what is the Torah and mitzvos' purpose for existing. These seem like two different questions.
    – msh210
    May 11, 2016 at 21:08

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In the Path of the Just ch.1 Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato says:

Behold, our sages, of blessed memory, have taught us that man was created solely to rejoice in G-d and to delight in the splendor of the Shechina (divine presence). For this is true joy, and the greatest possible pleasure that can possibly exist. The place of this joy is, in truth, in Olam Haba (the afterlife). For it was created expressly for this purpose... The means which lead a person to this goal are the commandments which the blessed G-d commanded to us... Therefore, man was first placed in this world so that through these means prepared for him here, he will be able to reach the place prepared for him, namely, the afterlife, there to be sated with the good which he acquired through these means. This is what our sages of blessed memory said "today to do them, and tomorrow to receive their reward" (Eruvin 22:1)

No mention of Moshiach here. Just do what you're supposed to do and the rest will come when God deems fit.

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