Do you guys know of any sources that connect the physical construction of the egel with the construction of the mishkan - both are made of gold and the beginning of parshat terumah starts by talking about giving gold for the mishkan but are there other connections? I ask this because I remember hearing about the connections in the past but cannot seem to find them either in the text or in safrut chazal. A little help would be much appreciated.

  • Clarification: The mishkan was made partially of gold, but not chiefly, whereas the calf was gold. In any event, welcome to mi.yodeya.com, Ariel; I hope you enjoy it and stick around. Consider completing registration for the site, by clicking "Register", above.
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    May 4, 2011 at 3:25

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One thing that has struck me — but that, in my limited experience and AFAIR, I haven't seen anyone mention — is that the m'nora of the mishkan was, according to a midrash (cited by Rashi to 25:31), created miraculously automatically when unshaped gold was thrown into fire and that Aharon, according to the Mizrachi (quoted in Sifse Chachamim to 32:24), lied and said that that was how the egel had been made.


K'li Yakar to 35:22 notes that the men, who had sinned by donating their jewelry toward the egel's construction, needed the penance of donating such items toward the mishkan's, but the women, who hadn't done so, didn't need it; nonetheless, the women donated their jewelry toward the mishkan, which the Torah mentions there in their honor.

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