I have a veritable million little lactaid chewable tablets sitting around my house. I cannot find a single person who is clear on whether or not they're chametz Gamur, or even Kitniyot for that matter. If they're chametz Gamur, I have to get rid of them fully. I've heard that I shouldn't eat them- but no one is clear on whether they're kitniyot or chametz Gamur.


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As usual the answer is that it is a machlokes. Apparently, lactaid milk bought before Pesach is in the same category as Vitamin D enhanced milk bought before Pesach. However, the problem is with your situation, the pills. Aparently non-chewable lactaid pills may (or may not) be acceptable (though of course CYLOR)

cRc Kosher 5776 Pesach Top Ten Questions

Q: I am lactose intolerant. What are my options for Passover this year?

A: Lactaid non-chewable pills are acceptable for Passover. Lactaid milk is also acceptable but must be purchased before the holiday.

Star-K 2016 list


Caplets may contain chometz and may not be used on Pesach.

Lactaid Milk may be used on Pesach if purchased BEFORE Pesach. This product is not Cholov Yisroel

. Lactose Intolerant - OU

Lactaid production is likely to involve chometz. This renders chewable lactaid tablets problematic. Lactaid non-chewable tablets are more complicated. Many rabbinical authorities permit non-chewable vitamins and supplements without regard to their kashruth status. According to such opinions, one may take these tablets just like any other non-chewable pill.

Other rabbinical authorities believe that vitamins and supplements are akin to food even when swallowed. According to this opinion one may take the lactaid tablet when wrapped in tissue paper. However, one who is unable to do so may swallow the tablet without wrapping it, and rely on the lenient authorities, since milk is such an important health need. We suggest that you consult with your local rabbi as to which of these opinions you should follow.

We certify a number of lactose reduced products for Passover. Please consult our Passover product search for more information.

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