The new RCA siddur has not been released yet even though they announced (on their website) its publishing 5 years ago!

I contacted the RCA and they didn't respond.


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As of October 2018, the new Koren RCA siddur is ready and orders are open, see here, here for a sample of the contents and here for a detailed description of the inside.


The RCA has announced that it will be released in March of 2018. It is a partnership with Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

https://www.makorrishon.co.il/news/10159/ article about the siddur.

  • Siddur is now complete and for sale, see here
    – mbloch
    Oct 30, 2018 at 4:52


The updated information shows that it will be released August 1, 2018.

Siddur Avodat HaLev

The NEW RCA Siddur - Siddur Avodat HaLev is a full siddur for Weekdays, Shabbat and Haggim.

Five years in the making, this outstanding Siddur from the Rabbaim of the Rabbinical Council of America features:

Fully Contemporary translation

New commentaries utilizing classic as well as contemporary Rabbinic and traditional sources

Additional prayers for life-cycle events and the modern observance of Yom Ha'atzmaut and Yom HaShoah Yom Yerushalayim

Complete Sefer Tehilim

Supplementary essays by classic and contemporary Rabbis

Appropriate female textual and grammatical formulations where needed

Rabbi Basil Herring, Editor in Chief, in conjunction with other outstanding Rabbaim of the RCA

The Siddur Avodat Halev is the new standard Siddur for RCA Synagogues for generations!

For Bulk orders, please contact [email protected]

PREORDERS ONLY - Orders will not be processed until after August 1, 2018


ISBN 9789653019362 Size Standard Language Hebrew/English Binding Hardcover Nusah Ashkenaz

  • Siddur is now complete and for sale, see here
    – mbloch
    Oct 30, 2018 at 4:52

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